Family Meals - Why it is easy to cook cheap family meals

29 April 2009, Comments 0

As times have changed creating quality family meals is so much easier than years gone by. They no longer look cheap and this reminds people how amazing family times can be. You can be sat round the table with your partner and children thinking why it is so easy to cook cheap family meals.

I love eating family meals and even though I can create cheap meals I don’t think of them like that as with a little creativity we can come up with something pretty special. Even in the 1990’s when I first left home and moved in to a lovely terraced house with my future wife I managed to pull off some lovely meals to impress her and she never realised how cheap they actually were. (Oops she reads my Blogs!).

Gone are the days when the students just lived off a can of beans or freezer food and we now have an amazing selection of food to cook for the family. Those that do tend to eat these kind of foods seem to do it now because of how easy it is and love the idea of putting very little effort in. There is also that bracket in the society that simply can’t cook and are too frightened to learn. When I first met my wife she couldn’t cook anything apart from vegetables or pasta in a cheese sauce as she had never felt the need to learn.

However a year down the line and she was pretty good which makes me smile a lot as I taught her and what worries my more is that she could match me nine years later as she has the same creative flair that I own in the kitchen.

"family meals"

That’s the point if you have the will to be creative you could even make beans on toast look good. The easiest way to become very good at creating cheap family meals for very little money is to use your leftovers at the end of the week to create a special meal. This was practised rather a lot during the Second World War, when money was incredibly tight and there was no such thing as food waste.

Just think what is in your fridge and freezer the day before you do the weekly shop and what kind of meals you could make from it. Whether it is bread and butter pudding, vegetables in a cheese sauce, fish pie, homemade fishcakes, chicken stir fry and so on.

I am sure once you get your thinking cap on you can come up with some amazing meals. You just have to want to put them into practice.

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