Family Baking At The Weekend - My Fun Time With My Boy

14 October 2010, Comments 0

I love spending down with my boy at the weekend and on the majority of weekends we do some baking together. We will usually make a selection of biscuits or prepare the evening meal.

So last weekend as usual we went in the kitchen and made two rounds of biscuits along with getting the stew into the crockpot ready for our sunday evening meal.

I always remnember when I was little baking with my grandparents and as we live away from ours the parents then take over the role.

As our son is now nine, he can do a lot more than what he could do when he was younger. So as I prepare the vegetables for our homemade stew I can leave him in charge 0f rolling out the biscuit mixture and putting the biscuit mixture onto the baking tray.


My son's biscuits after he had covered them in icing and buttons

For me baking with my son has a lot of different objectives, not only do I get the chance to make some lovely biscuits I am also blessed with a wonderful helper who one day will make a fantastic husband for someone. My Dad is totally useless in the kitchen (because my grandma) did everything for him and I always vowed that my son would be very good in the kitchen.

Because he makes biscuits with me so regularly he knows the ingredients better than I do!!!

I also recommend that when you add the icing to your biscuits and decorate them that you do so on a spare baking tray and then you can cut down on your mess (especially the dye from the icing sugar).

Here are the beautiful biscuits that he has made and put in his jar (much better than the supermarket ones and so cheap to make):

Whenever we cook Kyle our little darling, will be in the kitchen with us and loves learning to cook with us and as a result he enjoys wonderful meals. Especially considering most of his school friends don’t even have fresh food cooked for them which is such as shame.

I am looking forward t0 Christmas though, when he was spend time cooking lots of beautiful meals with me. Whether it is the Turkey or the Mince Pies I know I will have my little helper very close by.

If you d0n’t do any baking with your kids I thoroughly recommend it as it is a great way to spend time with your kids and remember they grow up a lot quicker than what we want to.

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