Enjoying the leftovers: Finally save money on your family budget

24 August 2009, Comments 0

In this day and age it is such ashame if you waste food whether you are on a budget or not. The sight of rotting food in the back of the fridge is the last thing you want to see but how can you stop it?

Even if you write an amazing shopping list and don’t overspend things come up and a certain planned meal can soon be forgotten about. Remember all those times you have gone into the freezer and discovered that the meat you had planned to eat sometime this week is past its due by date. You start getting cross with yourself that you wasted money on a nice piece of food only to have to throw it in the bin.

People think that the only type of leftover food is cold pizza but this is further from the truth than what you can imagine. I cook leftover meals all the time and apart from me knowing where the meals come from everyone else is in the dark.

Here are my favourite leftover recipes for you to get to grips with:

Bubble and squeak – use up your leftover mash, cabbage, eggs, other vegetables with this british favourite. The good thing about this recipe is that it can be altered to suit any taste or what you have in the fridge.

Chicken Stir Fry – just by using a few florets of broccoli, leftover chicken and some noodles from the cupboard you can have an amazing lunch or evening meal one of my firm favourites.

Banana Milkshake – We all have bananas in our kitchen that look like they are on the verge of dying just before they hit this moment surprise your children with a lovely fresh banana milkshake with fresh milk and icecream and they will love you forever. Be warned though if you do this once they will want them all the time!

Cheese Mash with gravy or beans – This is a classic family meal and can be used with yorkshire puddings too if you fancy pushing the boat out for your family meal. You can even include minced beef in this meal if you want a big meal.

Pasta bake – By using up mince that you have sat in the fridge this is an ideal meal. Make a nice cheese sauce for on top of your mince and line the dish with pasta and you have a great show off meal without any real effort.

Macaroni Cheese – this is a really simple dish and great if you have leftover cheese sauce that needs a purpose. If you add a few spring onions to this it can give it a great hit and will certainly impress people with your talents.

Minced Beef wraps – This is a lovely meal and can be done plain or with mexican spice. By wrapping mince and pepper in wraps and then placing a cheese sauce over it and cooking in the oven tastes wonderful. If you prefer a kick to your meal polish the wraps in pri pri spice prior to rolling and the taste will be even better.

Bread and butter pudding – This pudding is very simple to make yet gets rid of all the left over bread that is driving you crazy. If you have even more left why not make some breadcrumbs and stick them in the freezer for a later date.

Homemade Quiche – I love quiche and the idea of how many different styles you can do is rather special. We always seem to have leftover eggs and this is the perfect way of getting rid of them in one dish. If your kids start with the “I hate eggs” line simply add more milk to the eggs and use mature cheddar then the problem will be solved.

"Strawberry Mousse"Strawberry mousse – I love this for a quick pudding for the kids and adults love this speedy pudding just as much even though most of them don’t admit to it! Using a simple packet of strawberry powder and mixing it with leftover milk is a great way to get the calcium in their bodies. You can then make it look special with a lower layer of jelly and some grated chocolate on top. It really can make a difference and you can put it together in a few short minutes.

So there you have it – my favourite leftover ideas – now instead of just reading it and moving on to your next blog make these meals next time you have some leftovers sat there in your fridge.

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