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It must not be underestimated how important it is for a family to sit down together around the table to enjoy a family dinner. It is not just the fact that the family are eating together but that if they are sitting down together they will also be talking and laughing, something that many families don’t get the chance to do in this day and age.

Due to the hectic pace that life is now led, everyone seems to be far to busy to enjoy the basic things in life that really do make such a big difference and it is far easier to sit and eat a quick meal in front of the television or in some cases, miss meals out altogether.

The problem is, instead of eating in front of the television or missing meals being something that happens once or twice a week, before you realise it, it has become the norm and once into a routine such as this it can be very hard to break out of.

If your family never eats together the last thing you want to do is insist that all of a sudden, everyone has to sit down together every day of the week. You should start by making a date with all of the family for one day a week. This should be something that every member of the family should agree to, and unless something really important crops up, they should do absolutely everything that they can do to be there.

"family dinner"

More than anything, when you all sit down together it should be an enjoyable experience, not an occasion where everyone is trying to eat as quickly as possible so that they can get on with other things. Make the meal something that everyone enjoys, make it a special occasion because that really is what it is.

The trick is, after a few weeks, when you have all got used to eating together, add another day to the week when it is agreed that everyone will meet again. It would probably be to much to ask of any family to eat together every day of the week, if you do, then that is fantastic but you have to admit that even 3 days for most families really is quite an achievement and when you look back you will all agree that just by making this small effort will make a dramatic improvement in your family life.

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