Eating Organic: Making Sure the Food You Are Eating Is Actually Organic

6 April 2011, Comments 0

I love eating, travelling and blogging. My love for food does not mean that I just eat anything. I admit that I do enjoy eating different cuisines, but I am quite picky with the ingredients. I make sure that everything in my meal, especially our family meals, are organic. Eating organic food gives me a peace of mind and assurance that my family and I are consuming healthy food.

So, why do I want organic foods? There many reasons why you should be eating organic food.

1. Organic food is delicious

I have learned from my constant reading that if the crops are cultivated in a well-balanced soil, they grow healthy and bring out their natural delicious tastes. Fruits are sweeter than those commercially cultivated fruits that are treated with fertilizers.

2. Organic food products are processed through strict standards

Sellers of organic food are usually given certification which gives consumers the assurance that the products are safe and grown through healthy and natural procedure.

3. You need to eat organic food because they reduce potential health risks

Since organic crops and animals are free from potentially harmful pesticides, herbicides, feeds and antibiotics, consumers will have the chance to consume foods that are free from any side-effects of these chemicals. For your information, these chemicals are usually carcinogenic which can lead to the development of cancer through long-term consumption and exposure. In organic farms, workers on organic farm are not exposed to hazardous chemicals.

4. Organic farming does not add pollutants to the environment

Isn’t it humbling to know that you buy food products from farmers who respect the nature? You see, conventional farmers who use chemicals pollute nature through the use of pesticides and insect killers which are sprayed through the air.

 "organic foods"

5. Buying organic foods means that you support those farmers who build soil

Organic farmers make sure that the soil that they are farming is rich in natural nutrients and minerals which are vital to their crops. These farmers preserve our topsoil since they do not use any chemical and mono-crop farming.

Consuming organic food takes you to whole new meaning of eating. Why? Buying crops and meat products that are organically cultivated are healthier, more affordable and tastier. Not to mention the huge favor that we are giving to nature, to ourselves and to the future generation. I feel good about myself whenever I buy organic products and transform them into sumptuous dishes because I know that I am giving my family some good, nutritious and healthy meals everyday.

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To your food heaven

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