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When I was growing up before there was all this annoying media coverage about obesity people really did enjoy their meals. They looked forward to eating their favourite things and there were lots of regular trips to McDonalds and Pizza Restaurants and I must admit I loved every moment of it.

As I look back at those that I attended school with not one of them was overweight we were all healthy happy children. Now though with the idea that children should eat this and not that the fun in food has soon disappeared. They worry too much now about what they eat and this can have a very bad effect on their wellbeing.

If they are told at the ages of four and above that chips is bad for them, when they hit 14 there going to head to the chip shop at every single opportunity and it will be their little secret. Or when they become adults they will start binge eating the foods that they have craved all this time and were told it was bad for them.

"balanced diet"If you give your children a healthy diet were they can enjoy the good and the bad it will make a huge difference to them. Get them focused on eating salads and vegetables from the earliest age that you can this way they won’t complain during meal times. My wife has always made sure that our son eats healthy and now he will gladly snack on a carrot or an apple rather than a bar of chocolate. Obviously he enjoys his chocolate too which is great because you want them to have the balance and not just eat like a rabbit.

For example we will enjoy a quiche with salad and the following night we may well have something with chips. However if we had chips or takeaways every night we would have a serious problem!

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