Dominic’s $7 Family Meals: Roast Pork and Banana Pudding

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1 May 2012
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1 May 2012, Comments 0

Eating is a favorite past time of most of the people in the world. Try something new this evening with this roast beef meal. Roast beef is something you can cook for your family and still stay on a budget. Sometimes finding a meal to satisfy your whole family can be incredibly frustrating. Cook this roast beef meal and there will be no complaining at the dinner table.

The second part of this 7$ Family Meal idea is Banana Pudding. It’s amazing how people always have room for dessert, even after eating a fulfilling meal. Your guests will have plenty of room for this Banana Pudding dessert. You can serve the Roast Pork recipe with a side of mashed potatoes and your choice of a vegetable. There are a few vegetables in the Roast Pork meal, but adding an extra vegetable never hurt anyone. Of course, you can also add a roll or some sort of bread to eat with it.

The Banana Pudding is great as is and you probably will not want to add anything extra to it. The banana pudding comes with a sweet layer of whipped cream and chocolate drizzle. If that does not say “the perfect treat” then what does? Make sure to chill the banana pudding long enough, so it stays well put together. Enjoy making this delicious main dish and dessert for your family.


Roast Pork

3-4 pound boneless pork butt
2 Bouillon Cubes
2 Cups of Water
2 Cups of Carrots
2 Whole Potatoes

1. Take out your slow cooker.
2. Place the boneless pork butt into the slow cooker.
3. Add the cups of water, carrots and potatoes.
4. Add your desired seasonings.
5. Allow to cook on low for 5-6 hours.

 "roast pork"

Banana Pudding

5 Cups of Vanilla Wafers
2 Boxes of Vanilla Pudding
3 Ripened Bananas
1 Cup of Chocolate Syrup
2 Cups of Whipped Cream

1. Prepare the vanilla pudding as directed on the package.
2. Cut the bananas into really thin slices.
3. Layer the vanilla pudding into a thick baking dish.
4. Add a layer of vanilla wafers and slices of bananas.
5. Add a new layer until the pan is full.
6. Place a layer of whipped cream on the very top.
7. Drizzle with chocolate syrup.

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