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If you are like the rest of us you are finding yourself tightening your belt as your disposable income is becoming less so. Finding ways to cut costs have become a national past time. One of the easiest ways to cut costs is through lowering your grocery bill each week. Feeding your family for cheap may be much easier than you thought possible.

Finding ways to decrease your grocery bill may seem like an impossible endeavor. As your paycheck stays stagnant, the price of food continues to rise. The best way to lower your grocery cost and feed a family on 50 pounds, is by having a plan and planning ahead of time. The thing that will kill your grocery bill every time are those unplanned for purchases, those impulse buys, that quickly add up without you even knowing it.

There are entire companies that specialize in attracting you into purchasing their food products. They place their items at the checkout, they discount them and make them look “special”, they time their sales around collective consumer trends, it is all planned out, not by us, but by them.

How many times have you purchased an item just because it looked good, it was new, or it was on special. It didn’t matter if you actually needed the item, it just looked too good to pass up. Those impulse purchases will take their toll on your pocketbook every time.

"meal plan for the week"

The best way to cut into your grocery purchases is by planning the meals for your family ahead of time and making a list to take with you when you go to purchase the food for the week. Knowing exactly what you need and only what you need, is the perfect way to resist those impulse buys.

By knowing ahead of time what you will need to make all of the meals a week at a time, you will not be tempted by the sale items when shopping. Making the conscious decision to not purchase anything that is not on your list, is the best way to keep yourself from spending money on junk or junk food.

The best way to cut your grocery bill and feed your family on a set budget is by knowing ahead of time what you need when you enter the grocery store. Say “no” to the marketers who make a living getting you to spend yours on things you don’t need.

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