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Everyone knows that it’s important to eat a healthy diet because natural foods contain vitamins and minerals that are necessary for optimum organ functionality. However, most people probably do not know the dangers that lie in vitamins and minerals deficiency. Here are some of the most common deficiencies in the America diet.

CHROMIUM—90% deficient (in the American diet): a mineral found in whole grains, lean meats, and some spices, chromium deficiency is characterized by anxiety and fatigue and long term deficiency can lead to type II diabetes!

MAGNESIUM—80%: easy to find in nuts, pod vegetables, fruits, and whole grains, it is surprising that most Americans do not get enough Magnesium. It can present itself as various nervous disorders like anxiety, hyperactivity, and restlessness.

"whole grains"

PYRIDOXINE (VITAMIN B6)—80% (on average): found in potatoes, bananas, and various proteins, B6 deficiency is characterized by acne, anemia, arthritis, some hair and skin issues, and impaired wound healing.

COPPER—75%: it’s hard to get copper in your diet because it is most present in foods that are not common like beef liver, exotic mushrooms, and seafood. Copper deficiency is characterized by anemia, depression, and hyperthyroidism.

ZINC—nearly 70%: found in proteins that are rarely used domestically the primary function of zinc is as an immune system booster. Thus, a zinc deficiency may find you more susceptible to various kinds of infections as well as higher cholesterol, memory impairment, and some growth impairment.

SELENIUM—50%: also found in several plants and seafood, deficiency of this antioxidant is characterized by the impairment or dysfunction of various natural processes including developmental growth, pancreatic function, and digestive and immunity function.

CALCIUM—50%: commonly found in dairy products and various green vegetables, calcium deficiency is categorized by depression, insomnia, and weaker bones, teeth, and nails.

VITAMIN C—20-50%: Found in citrus fruits as well as dark green vegetables, vitamin C deficiency causes immune system impairment and irritability.

FOLIC ACID—40%: present mostly in dark green vegetables, a deficiency in folic acid may present as anemia, fatigue, paranoia, and birth defects

VITAMIN A—20%: Present in root vegetables, commonly known to be in carrots, a deficiency in Vitamin A is characterized by acne, hyperkeratosis, night blindness, and immune impairment.


IRON—MOST COMMON MINERAL: The most common mineral deficiency, you are probably familiar with iron deficiency presenting itself as anemia but it is also characterized by depression, constipation, and oral complications

ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDES—MOST COMMON: This is, perhaps, the most common nutrient deficiency in the American diet, which is characterized by immunity and cellular repair dysfunction and liver degeneration.

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