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Diabetes is a real disease that people are faced with everyday. Sometimes you just want to pull out an easy recipe that’s friendly for diabetics. Jam is one of those foods that diabetics tend to stay away from because it’s so loaded with sugar. There has to be a way that you can make diabetic friendly jam and still enjoy your food a little.

To start, you will want to purchase supplies that make your job a little easier. Canning supplies are perfect for people who want to make their own jam. You can purchase these supplies almost anywhere that food is sold. Just make sure you get solid canning supplies that will not fall apart.

The secret behind making diabetic friendly jam is that you want to use as many natural ingredients as possible. Take a look at the ingredients of this recipe:

"Diabetic friendly jam"• 1 medium navel orange
• 1 large lemon
• 2 1/2 pounds firm ripe peaches, peeled and sliced
• 2 cups fresh blueberries
• 1/3 cup granulated sugar
• 1/2 cup white grape juice
• 1 tablespoon plus 1 teaspoon Sweet ‘N Low

Notice that most of the ingredients are completely natural. Although they still contain some sugar it is mostly natural sugar which is really good for you. Using a sugar alternative is also a great idea to make sure it stays friendly for the diabetics. You never want to use too much artificial sugar because too much of something is still bad. It’s important to also note that you are making this jam from scratch and it does not make it as processed as store bought jams.

Experts say that you should make and consume this jam in less than two weeks. It’s not safe because there are not as many preserves in the artificial sugars. You win some and you lose some when you are putting your body and health first. Start with making diabetic free jam and you can go onto to make other foods that are good for you. A lot of people mistakenly put sugar in a lot of their meals and they can look for different alternatives. Just imagine how many different foods you can put the jam on and you can stay healthy at the same time. There are also a variety of artificial sugars you can use to make your homemade jam. The above list is just an example of ingredients you can place in the jam. Enjoy!

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