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I have always fancied myself as being able to make a nice cake and I am quite capable of baking a cake and then icing it if need be, but I have always been left in complete amazement when I see a well decorated cake at a wedding or a party.

You would just have to say that a decorated cake is often the center piece of any event where people are gathered and I have often thought about learning how to decorate a cake in such a brilliant way, but soon put any such thoughts to the back of my mind when I realized how much time I would have to dedicate to learning such a skill, never mind the amount of money that I would have to spend to go on one of the cake decoration courses that are out there.

Imagine my surprise when I attended a birthday party of a friend a few weeks ago and the cake that they had on display literally made my jaw drop. It was absolutely beautiful and I knew that it must have cost an arm and a leg to buy, but the surprise came when my friend told me that she had actually decorated the cake herself. At first I thought she was joking because it must have only been a couple of months ago when I saw a cake that she had decorated for the local school fair, and to be honest it just looked like a big blob of icing, I didn’t tell her that obviously but it didn’t look very impressive, to say the least!

When I asked her how she had managed to decorate this latest cake to such a high standard she wasn’t going to tell me as she wanted to keep the secret to herself, but it turns out that she had purchased an ebook by the name of Cake Decorating Genius and just by following the instructions in that ebook, her cake decorating skills had been literally transformed.

"cake decorating genius"

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As you can probably imagine, the first thing I did when I got home was to purchase the ebook and I can honestly say that the information that it contains literally blew me away, to such an extent that I was able to put the information into practice the very next week and decorate a cake that looked absolutely stunning, if I say so myself.

Cake Decorating Genius is very easy to read which made following the instructions very easy indeed. Everything is clearly detailed so I suppose it could be described as a step by step guide but  what really made the information so special, is the fact that a series of loopholes are revealed which are basically short cuts to achieve an end result which is out of this world.

When I have dabbled with the idea of learning cake decoration in the past I looked at courses that cost hundreds of dollars, in some cases thousands of dollars, but when I saw that the price of Cake Decorating Genius was only $39 my initial reaction was that there couldn’t be anything ground breaking in an ebook that was so cheap.

How wrong could I possibly have been and putting my business head on for one minute, I can’t see any reason why someone cannot learn the information that is described in Cake Decorating Genius and start an extremely profitable business that will be in demand for many years to come.

I can’t really recommend Cake Decorating Genius highly enough and one thing is definitely for sure and that is that I will be showing off my new skills at every possible opportunity in the future, so friends and family, watch out!

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