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Everyone’s mother has said to them at some time or another “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!”This is usually what we all would hear right before school when we were about to leave to take a big test. However, it is very true that breakfast is a very important meal and there are several reasons why this is true.

First of all, breakfast literally means “break fast”. This means that your body is breaking the several hour fast it has been in while you slept. It is important to fuel your body in the morning after it has fasted all night.

Secondly, eating in the morning provides a boost to the metabolism. When you starve yourself, your body thinks it is in survival mode. Then, when you finally do eat, your body will store those calories and fat because it does not know when it will get more. This is not a good thing!

Also, what you eat in the morning sets the stage for what you will crave and eat throughout the day. For instance, if you start your day with a doughnut, you are setting the stage for a day of unhealthy eating. Plus, you are going to have blood sugar swings from eating too much sugar in the morning which will cause you to “crash” a couple of hours later. This crash can cause shakiness, heart racing and exhaustion.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it is the foundation upon which your whole day is built. You need good lean protein and a complex carbohydrate in the morning so that you will be both mentally and physically ready to take on your day. By starting your day off the right way, you put yourself on the road to better health.

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