Attention Coffee Drinkers: You Need To Try These Things Today

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20 September 2023
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From the first sip to the last, the taste of coffee is akin to coming home for some people. If you are one of them, you will appreciate the following tips and ideas on a different way to enjoy the flavor of coffee as well as how to enjoy your cup of java even more than you already do.

Try something sweet and coffee-infused. 

Of course, you can try all of the different sweet holiday drinks and concoctions as the seasons come along. And while they are quite tasty, you might want to try something else that is both sweet and coffee-adjacent. The perfect pairing of sweets and coffee results in absolutely delicious coffee candy. The next time you are in the store or perusing online, put a bag or two of the different varieties in your shopping cart. 

When you are looking for something to satisfy a sweet craving, these coffee candies are the answer. If you need a quick yet thoughtful gift for a friend, coffee candy will earn you big smiles and loads of appreciation. Even if your recipient is not a huge fan of coffee itself, the unique blends in these concoctions will put them on their way to becoming caffeine converts as the coffee taste is not overpowering.

You can even host a fun tasting party that is focused on a coffee theme. Pair coffee chocolates, toffees, and hard candies with some delightful wines. Add a board of fruits such as grapes, apples, and pears. Place a few bowls of pistachios and sugared almonds in the mix. Finish with brie, hard cheeses, and fresh bread. You will have the makings of a fun time together with delicious food.

Become part of the process.  

Have you ever wondered about all the work that goes into making a delicious cup of coffee? If so, you can take part in the process. And, once you do, you will have an even greater appreciation for everything from growing the coffee beans to brewing the perfect cup.

  • Grow your own coffee beans at home.
  • Harvest and roast the beans.
  • Grind the beans based on your preference for coffee or espresso. 
  • Take a barista class in person or online to learn the various coffee-making techniques and how to use different equipment. 

Becoming part of the coffee process as a whole involves the choices you make in terms of your purchases related to coffee. At its core is the coffee bean. It is important to understand and know where your daily brew is sourced from. When you make the choice to support coffee growers who are working hard to support their families and produce coffee beans in ethical manners, you are a productive part of the process, even if you do not grow the beans yourself.

Watch this video to learn the reasons for drinking fair trade and sustainable coffee.

Coffee is in fine form in all of its many forms. Pick up some sumptuous and mouth-watering candies and delicious coffee beans today and host a get-together with the people you love. Or, keep them all for yourself and stay in with a good book. 

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