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This article is a guest post by Erik Armstrong of http://roundtablecloths.org.

I’m sure you must all be as fed up as I am of buying a drink that claims to be juice and on opening it, find out that its some strange colored imposter.

seems to have many different meanings. To me, fruit juice is extracted from real fruit and is both tasty and full of nutrients. To some drinks manufacturers, it seems to mean that a bland tasting liquid can be passed of as juice if its color co-ordinates with its name! Yet still we buy them, under the assumption that as they have some fruit in them they must be healthy.


In the majority of cases, unfortunately, this just isn’t the case. The pictures and descriptions blatantly mislead you into drinking something that isn’t what you think it is.

The actual percentage of real juice in these drinks varies wildly. It’s disgusting to think that most of them have a great deal less than 50% of actual juice.

When you decided to try and get fit, I bet one of the first things you did was cut out sugary food and drinks, including soda. I also bet that you haven’t realized that you have replaced them with these misleading drinks that are even worse for us than soda was! Check out the ingredients if you don’t believe me, you were better off with your soda!

All fruits have natural sugars; that is part of why we enjoy them so much, their sweetness. The only sugar we need are these natural sugars and no extra, yet the amount that we are consuming via these drinks is staggering. If the percentage of actual juice is 30%, the other 70% is made up of all manner of additives, and most of them are sugar under different names.

We need to get the word out and make people aware. Awareness is improving, but at a very slow rate, so the majority is still unaware of the possible problem they could be causing ho their health by consuming these drinks. These drinks are not healthy alternatives and the sooner everybody knows that, the better!

Juice is juice is juice, so only buy pure fruit juice with a percentage of 100%. Ignore blends, cocktails, drinks, concentrates, these aren’t pure and will contain all the ingredients that we discussed earlier.

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