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When it comes to cake decorating, there does seem to be a distinct lack of information available and what is out there, takes some finding.  There are books available, but invariably not with all the information you require to complete your task.  Similarly certain websites will allow you to purchase the necessary items, but then you’ll need to search alternative sites for instructions of how to mix and make the cake, or which icings to use.

Therefore, the development of this new website yummyarts.com, has come along at the right time, and has filled a void after realising the demand for an ‘all in one’ site was extremely high.  They claim to be the ultimate website for cake and cookie decorating, offering a quality support system, demonstrations, tips and tricks of the trade and I’ve no reason to doubt them.

(If you would like to know more about yummyarts please click here.)

The site provides exclusive video instruction, which takes you through each procedure step by step, which even a novice could follow.  With all the information required, now situated in one place, the time restraints that inevitably occur with any cooking, are significantly eased by reducing the need to search various sources of data; meaning risk of errors are decreased as concentration on the job in hand is simplified.

 Yummyarts.com employ award winning professional decorators, who offer full time support to all members and supply new designs and seasonal ideas.  By signing up you automatically qualify for over 100 videos, which are available 24/7, with a guaranteed addition each month.  They’ll supply a tip of the week on any of the three C’s – cake, cookie or candy techniques.

(If you would like to know more about yummyarts please click here.)

There is the opportunity to join a forum of like-minded people to share experiences, and access to hundreds of 3 C’s articles and photos.   There are regular discounted offers, light hearted contests and competitions to test your knowledge, together with some fantastic give away’s.  All this brought together in weekly news letter.

 "yummy arts"

The asking price of $19.95 is justified by the site, highlighting the standard of quality decorators on their payroll, coupled with the cost of putting together the information videos.  If this is your hobby, past-time, whatever, then for this small outlay you will genuinely have all the tools needed, to supplement your talents.  It could even encourage you to start a sideline and maybe even branch out further and take it up full time; either way becoming a member at yummyarts.com is a mouth watering prospect!

If you would like to know more about yummyarts please click here.

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