Hi welcome to my blog Simplyfoodndrink. My name is Mike and as a recently divorced man I found myself in charge of my destiny in the kitchen and in my healthy eating habits. My ex wife hadn’t cooked everything but her being in hospitality definitely gave her more ability in the kitchen than myself and so I found myself relegated to the “set the table will you” position.

I have always enjoyed cooking, gathering round the BBQ and talking while cooking. But now as a bachelor I have the opportunity to enjoy the shopping and buying fresh and healthy produce and ingredients. And then settling into the kitchen with all the fresh ingredients I feel might work and experimenting with dishes and flavor.

Additionally doing a lot of physical training I find I come across a lot of healthy ideas and things that help influence my health and well being would be of benefit to others.

After all enjoying both the preparation and consuming of food with friends and loved ones is what makes food and drink so special!

This blog will be about my Adventures in Dining out for life, and discovering my passion for cooking, healthy eating and food.

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Cooking Mike