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The Philips air fryer is a new and ingenious way of frying the food you love but using only a tiny amount of air and oil. We have just bought one and can not believe how good this is and how nice the food tastes.

We read all the reviews on the internet and decided to buy one. You could use it for a month and take it back if you were not 100% satisfied. We thought we have got nothing to lose and even if you keep it, it has got a world wide 2 year guarantee.

Philips obviously have got confidence in there product. Firstly we tried some frozen chips using the low fat spray. They were done in about 13mins on 200 degrees. We cooked about 800grams of frozen chips.

When we tried them we could not believe how nice they were and to think they were low fat chips. We kept feeling guilty every time we had a few but we need not have worried. Next we tried some frozen party chicken.

The party chicken was cooked within 12mins on 180 degrees and they again tasted gorgeous. When you are on a diet you start to crave the fattening foods after a short time I know we did.

The Philips Air Fryer takes away that craving because you can now cook all your favourite fattening foods but they are now considered low calorie. Brilliant idea. The only problem we have is if we overfill the basket.

When we have done this especially with fresh potatoes they do not seem to cook evenly and take a while over the stated time, that’s why we will be using frozen or oven chips either taste great.

We have also tried sausages and burgers in the Philips air fryer. With a quick spray of low fat oil we put them in as the instructions say and they cooked beautifully. We have also tried fish fingers and fish bits both tasted beautiful.

I will add half way between your cooking time you have to take the pan out and give your chips a shake just to make sure they cook evenly. The manufacturer says to heat up to 3mins before use it is a very good tip.

When we cooked our sausages and burgers the fat drains into the bottom of the pan so half way through you can drain the oil like I had too but I left it in and the oil was burning and there was smoke everywhere.

The Philips air fryer works by blowing hot air directly onto the food from a fan placed above an electric ring. There is obviously more to the technology but that is just a basic description of how the Philips air fryer cooks. As of writing I am not sure when the Philips Air Fryer will be released in the USA.

If you would like to purchase the Philips air fryer please click here or click on the picture.

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