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We all enjoy our lunch but the majority of us end up in a slump eating the same old boring sandwiches day after day. This is why i have created for you 4 fantastic healthy lunches so that you can look forward to lunch time again.

1. Beans on toast with a twist – Add a spoonful of curry paste to a can of baked beans and heat it through. Pile it onto a couple of slices of fresh brown bread and place on a grill tray. Sprinkle a couple of handfuls of sliced onions that have been pre-boiled and a two pinches of parsley. Then grill for three minutes and serve immediately.

2. Jacket Potato with Prawns and Cottage Cheese – In a medium sized bowl stir together prawns and cottage cheese until you are happy with the mixture. Then add a couple of small handfuls of chives and stir it all together. Now place the mixture as a topping on your pre-cooked jacket potato. Alternatively you can remove the potato from the jacket and mix it all together and grill to have the ultimate jacket skins recipe.

3. Tomato and Tuna Wraps – Spread plain or tomato tortilla wraps with a layer of low fat soft cheese. Scatter it with canned tuna (drained) and some fresh diced tomatoes. Then roll them up and have your lunch. If you like a kick to your wraps before you seal the wraps put a small smudge of pri pri around the edge.

4. Tuna and Red Onion Salad – Mix some drained canned tuna with cooked new potatoes, red onions and cappers. Add a handful of rocket and watercress. Then toss together with a fat free dressing.

"Tuna and Red Onion Salad"

This is just four really nice suggestions to brighten up your lunch and instead of just tossing this blog post to one side try them!

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To your food heaven


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