Why Won’t My Mousse Set?

16 March 2012, Comments 0

This is a question that millions of people question, but no one seems to know the answer to. The first step to answer this question is to make sure you pick out a yummy flavor of mousse to make. There is no point in going through a lot of trouble when you are not even making your favorite flavor. The texture of mousse is so mouth watering that it will remain a favorite in the world for many years to come. Making sure your mousse sets means that you have to follow directions really closely. Sometimes when you are making something as tricky as mousse it can be frustrating because it doesn’t turn out like you imagined.

"chocolate mousse cake"The secret to great mousse is melting the chocolate over a sauce pan and not in it. Mix in the cream and adding a bit of icing sugar to help make the mixture a little more solid. Other mousse lovers take the chocolate and melt it, add milk very quickly and then add the eggs as well. You will want to beat the eggs into the chocolate mixture. Whip up the eggs whites and add (along with sugar) to the chocolate dream you just created.

Honestly, sometimes it’s just reading the directions wrong that makes your mousse turn out funky. Sometimes it’s the way you add something that will make it go awry. When adding milk to a mousse mixture, you have to add it quickly or else it will not turn out correctly. It all depends on the type of mousse you are trying to make, if it will settle correctly or not. As you can see, some mousse is created by mixing the chocolate, others by melting it in the pan.

It’s best to let the mousse sit for several hours and some insist on days. The longer you let it sit in the fridge than the better chances it has of setting. Another tip is to not put it into a shallow bowl. Placing the mixture into a shallow bowl doesn’t allow the mousse to set correctly. Mousse is something you need to prepare to make because you need an ample amount of time! Add a little bit of whipping cream to the top of your mousse if you truly want to be in heaven.

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