Why eat healthy?

29 April 2009, Comments 0

Eating healthy is very important in order to sustain a good quality life. If we didn’t eat healthy we would be prone to lots of illnesses and would run the risk of gaining excess weight and joining the obesity crowd.

We are all allowed our bad times though and I don’t believe there is such a thing as the perfect healthy person. Even if you have stuck to healthy living for the past twenty years what about during your teen years and you visited McDonalds once a week.

I know I was one of their regulars and without the teenage population I very much doubt that they would be surviving during this current recession!

Healthy eating should be practiced on the whole though. I know you hear about it in the media on a daily basis and get sick to the back teeth of it but eating your five a day of fruit and vegetables is an amazing place to start.

Growing up in Leeds, England my grandparents wouldn’t hear of me going without my fruit and vegetables. The majority of my friend’s parents and grandparents had allotments. This meant that from a very young age we were given lots of seasonal produce that we grew up loving. My wife’s Granddad had a lovely allotment and to this day she still loves eating lots of raw carrots when she gets the munchies and is much better than sneaking a cream filled bun out of the fridge.

As a result of our upbringing we both adore fresh fruit and vegetables. This we believe helps us have a healthy lifestyle and we very rarely catch a cold or suffer from illnesses in general. Neither of us have had a single tummy bug since our son was a couple of months old and he will be eight this year.

"eat healthy"

Through embracing a good diet along with regular exercise we are able to enjoy playing with our son for hours in the park or on the beach without feeling over tired or out of breath like many kids are.

If you constantly eat the wrong foods you run the risk of other problems such as heart disease or diabetes. Also you will have great levels of energy and actually enjoy getting out of bed in the morning.

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To your food heaven



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