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25 January 2011, Comments 0

Welcome to my mummy kitchen, where I provide you with some amazing recipes for not only feeding your family on for less, but they will also be healthy and to be able to be cooked in a flash.

I am starting this week with a fantastic winter warming one pot recipe. It only takes me about 15 minutes to prepare and then leave to cook, so you can be off helping your kids with their homework, while your dinner quietly cooks by itself in the corner of the kitchen.

I also put this recipe together for when I was watching my weight so it is very healthy too which is a fantastic bonus!!!

Chicken and Tarragon Delight

Serves 4, cooks in 1 hour and preparation is in less than 25 minutes.


Make sure your casserole dish is flame proof

3 tbsp olive oil

8 skinless chicken thighs (breast can be used if you prefer)

2 onions quartered

2 carrots chopped into medium chunks

1 head of garlic seperated but not peeled

2lbs of new potatoes

1.25pt of chicken stock

A handful of fresh or dried Tarragon

Salt and pepper to season

7oz green beans halved


First of all you need to preheat your oven to 180c/350f/Gas 4. Drizzle your olive oil into the bottom of a casserole dish ready for preparing your food. Take your casserole dish to the hob and under a medium flame cook the chicken pieces with the olive oil, until they are lightly browned on all sides.

Then add the onions, carrots, garlic, new potatoes, chicken stock and tarragon. Season it well and bring it to the boil.

Now you need to transfer it to the oven and cover and cook for 45 minutes. After 45 minutes add the green beans and then cook for a further 10 minutes. Remove from the oven and take out the garlic.

Season to taste and then serve.

It is also tastes amazing if you add a warm crusty bread baguette when serving.

Your family will just adore this classic and you can moderate it, to your own taste buds.

Thanks for reading my blog post and in the meantime if you would like to read more of my fantastic healthy eating cooking tips and food recipes you can subscribe to my RSS feed or join my free online Ezine.

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