Top Five Baking Tips

6 November 2009, Comments 0

Baking for your family and friends is an enjoyable experience but if you are new to baking it can also be a frustrating and disappointing one.

 So the best thing when starting out is to keep it simple with easy recopies and by sticking to a few rules you shouldn’t go wrong and you will be heaped with praise at you wonderful cooking skills….

These top five baking tips should help.

 First tip don’t rush baking:

 If you have friends or family around for a meal give yourself enough time to prepare.

 Next prepare in advance.

 If you have to marinade(to soak or cover in a flavour/sauce for a few hours or overnight) or can prepare some thing that

will kept in the fridge over night do so.

 Read through your recipe and make sure you have all the ingredients you need to hand.

 This goes hand in hand with preparation, making sure you have read the recipe including times allowed and all the ingredients you need including what accompanies the dish .

 Making sure you have the right utensils to do the Job.

 If you are baking a cake or need to measure some ingredients or need to sieve some flour you will need the right utensils.

 There really are some things that cant be done without them.

 Simple wooden spoons and bowls are all usually in the house, scales, heavy bottom pans which stop sauces from burning may be quite expensive but are worth it in the long run if you intend to do lots of baking.

 Adding ingredients in the right order and quantity and using the right technique:

 When you are more experienced you can be experimental with what to add or not, but when you start out try to stick to the right measurement and order in which you add ingredients as this can make or break a dish or cake you are lovingly trying to prepare.

"baking disaster"

 Adding too much egg to a cake mix in one go or over whipping an egg white when you should be” folding ” can bring nothing but disappointment.

 Just one more tip, make sure you taste as you go ,tasting whilst preparing food will make sure you don’t serve up a wonderful looking but bland dish…don’t be afraid, all the best chiefs do it…

 Follow these simple top five baking tips and you wont go wrong.

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To your food heaven


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