How to get your children eating healthy

5 October 2009, Comments 0

Eating out is one of the most favorite family activities. It improves family bonding and lets parents spend more time with their kids. But have you ever thought of healthy cooking for kids? You can still eat at the dining table and have that same bond, minus the expensive bill and unhealthy food.

Start with the basics. Avoid fried foods. Kids love fried everything. Whether it’s chicken, fries, hotdogs, or burgers- they love it. When cooking these foods, you can either decrease the oil when frying or use healthier alternatives like boiling hotdogs and removing chicken skin. Burgers and fries are to be avoided whenever possible, but if your children crave for it, give them small portions occasionally.

Sweets are one of the main culprits to why children gain weight. Moreover, chocolates and candies make your kids hyperactive. Healthy cooking for kids is not limited to the main courses. You could also make adjustments through the desserts. Replace ice cream and chocolate with fruit shakes or bowls. Blending fresh fruits or making fruit bowls are very healthy and refreshing for your kids.

Replace full cream milk with low-fat milk. Your kids won’t even taste the difference, but will have a major impact on their diet in the long run. When cooking pasta, you could also replace the regular pasta with whole-grain so that they eat healthier. Make the sauce tasty but with no meat. Pesto is one of the healthiest recipes for pasta because it only uses basil and olive oil as the main ingredients. If you must add meat, use chicken instead of pork and beef.

"homemade pizza"

Homemade pizza is healthier than ordering from pizza places. It might take a lot more time to prepare but it’s worth it. Make a vegetarian pizza and let your kids enjoy it minus the oil and the unhealthy meat toppings.

Include vegetables in every meal. Whether it is during breakfast, lunch, or dinner- make sure your kid eats veggies. Try with a celery or carrot stick with different dips to encourage your kid. Mashed potatoes could also be used to replace rice. Make sure your kid still eats the right amount of carbohydrates and proteins every day. When packing your kid’s lunch, it’s all about preparation. Cut the veggie portions in different shapes (letters or numbers for the young kids) so that they enjoy eating and never realize that they’re eating vegetables.

If your kids are heavy meat-eaters, you can try the veggie burgers that are available in groceries or even come up with your own. For the picky eaters, serve food that are tasty but healthy. You can use different spices for cooking or even mix veggies with soup and add lettuce to sandwiches. These simple tips will help your kids get used to the feel of eating less meat and more fruits and veggies.

Healthy cooking for kids doesn’t mean starving your kids and depriving them of what they want to eat. You can still make eating a fun activity but more nutritional.

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Remember it really is this easy to get your children eating healthy.

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