7 Powerful Tips for Reducing Your Food Bill

16 May 2011, Comments 0

Since groceries take a big share out of the monthly budget, I have listed here the seven ways to cut down your food bill by at least 25% without using even one coupon.

1. Shop the grocery circulars

Are you aware that everything on the front page is half off? It is important that you stock up some items because you probably won’t see prices as low for two or three months. Get the newspaper and look for the Food section as it contains the circulars.

2. Make a shopping list

Several studies have shown that shoppers are less likely to make impulses buy or purchase of items which are already available on their pantry if they shop from a list. Your shopping list can be as simple as a piece of paper taped on your refrigerator.

3. Keep your loyalty card current

Most of us are using store loyalty cards like Kroger Plus Card to take the advantage of weekly specials. Always make sure that the grocery store you shop have your current mailing and email address on file so you will not miss out those better specials deals exclusively for the card members.

4. Be brand flexible

Honestly speaking, there are many product brands such as Pampers and Pantene which I will stay loyal forever. However, there are many other products such as toilet paper and shave gel which I do not mind straying from if I can get a better deal elsewhere.

5. Befriend the Butcher

Though we are only three in the family, meat is still one of the biggest parts of my weekly food budget, so making friends with the Butcher is important. Find out what particular day and time of the week the must-go priced meat are set out for purchase. These can be an incredible bargain.

6. Shop alone

I love to shop at the grocery store alone because it enables me to hear myself think once a week. As a frugal measure, I shop alone for two reasons. First, I can reduce the temptation to cave in to the voice of my kid asking for cookies and fruit snacks. Second, I become more aware on the prices ringing at the register.

7. Make a weekly food run

Shop only once a week to keep the food bill in check because quick trips to the grocery store every few days add up to you expenses. Make an early shopping during the sale cycle because most heavily discounted items get scooped up quickly and most of the times the shelves are not re-stocked.

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To your food heaven

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